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2015 pledge-drive calendar for New York Public Radio. Two colors – black + 3-color split fountain on Coventry Vellum, 18″ x 24″.

3-color split fountain? Check.
Intricately detailed illustration by Felix Sockwell? Check.
2,000 posters, printed one at a time on our hand-cranked Vandercook SP-20? Check mate.

This was one of the most challenging jobs we’ve printed. There’s a crazy amount of detail in this poster, and while tight registration of the colors wasn’t critical, it was still important to get it pretty close. Press preparation (called makeready) took 3 days alone before we were ready to print the black plate. Total press time probably neared 40 hours. Whew! I’ll bet you want one now, right? Make a pledge while they still have them! Only $60.